How to get a Vietnamese visa on arrival for US citizens

Despite having a US passport, you will need a visa to enter Vietnam.

However, it is quite easy to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival for US citizens. Going to the Embassy of Vietnam is not necessary, since it is possible to apply online, filling out the application form and pay processing fee.

Since 15 December 2016, all US citizens will be granted the visas one-month, three-month Single entry or Multiple-entries and One-year, Multiple-entries.

There are more and more US travelers selecting Vietnamese visa on arrival since it is hassle-free benefits and time saving. Remember that Visa on arrival only works when you travel to Vietnam by air. If you schedule to enter Vietnam overland, make sure you obtain visa well from embassy before reaching the border.

For cruiser passengers: almost every cruiser companies offer visa on board. You will be given an application form to fill out and pay some fee. When you arrive in Vietnam, the visa will be granted.

More information about Visa on arrival

Visa On Arrival facility was put into operation since 2007 and it caused some confusion at the first time because of its name. In order to receive the visa stamp upon arrival, the travelers must apply online for visa approval in advance through travel agents. If someone fails to obtain the approval before flight, he/she is unable to go on board. Consequently, she/he cannot get a visa to Vietnam.

There are plenty of local agencies providing visa approval service. You can easily find one in a few seconds searching with Google. Each agency has a different application form but all of them request the same information including: date of birth, full name, passport number, intended date of entry. Questions about port of entry and date of exit are optional so you can leave them blank if you haven't booked the flight yet. Actually, you are advised not to book flight until the letter is issued. If you are interested in using our visa service, please enter here to start application.

After submitting the form, you are directed to a payment page. The favorite payment option is credit/debit card. The payment receipt is not issued unless you make a request.

Cost/person (USD)

Normal Processing
( within 3 days)

Stamping Fee

Single entry

1 month



3 months



Multiple entries

1 month



3 months



1 Year




Regularly, the visa approval is delivered to your email within less than 72 business hours (not include weekends and national holidays). The same-day visa service requires extra fee. Read more Express Vietnam visa on arrival Service.

Your personal information and visa validity are indicated in the letter. You can enter Vietnam anytime while the visa is valid. Don't be panic if you find other names in the letter. When there are too many applications submitted in one day, the agents often put them into groups to speed up processing. If you are not comfortable with the idea of using the letter with strange people, you can request a private letter with additional fee (We provide private letter service at US$5/person).

The visa approval enables you to get visa stamped at all Vietnam's airports (Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Phu Quoc, Cam Ranh). Each airport sets up a Visa On Arrival booth to process visa on arrival. The documents you need to present for getting visa stamp include original passport (valid for at least 6 months), visa approval letter, completed entry-exit form and 01 photo size 4x6cm. The waiting time is around 15-30 minutes depending on the queue.  Before receiving the passport back with a visa stamp inside, you have to pay stamping fee 135$ per person. The fee must be paid by CASH in US Dollars or VN Dong. If you forgot to bring the cash, the immigration officer will escort you to the ATM to withdraw the money. Be aware of that the officer is not always available to solve your problem so you'd better prepare some cash to avoid any inconvenience.

Note: For those who are afraid to wait in queue for the visa stamp, we suggest Visa Assistance at Airport Service which helps you to get the Visa stamped in flash of an eye.

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