Vietnam Visa Fee

Whether you apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival or Vietnam Visa Approval Code, ther service fee will include 2 payments. The first payment is made online after you submit the application so that can process your visa. The second payment is for the stamping fee and is made at your arrival airport in Vietnam or at the Vietnamese Embassy in the country you are living. 

1. Application Fee – 1st payment

This fee includes the payment for the Vietnamese Immigration Department to get the approval letter and our service charge.

  • Visa processing fee
  • Service fee including delivery, collection and management of your application at the Immigration Department

2. Stamping Fee – 2nd payment

Stamping fee applies to all visas and is clearly informed by the Vietnamese Immigration Department.

If you get the Vietnam Visa on arrival, the stamping fee is processed directly by government officials at immigration counters in the airports. Stamping fee to be paid in USD or VND, however USD is highly recommended to avoid unbalanced exchange rates at the airport.

If your apply for Vietnam Visa Approval Code, after receiving the visa code, you need to bring it to the Vietnamese Embassy that you have registered. Here, you will have to pay the stamping fee which varies depending on each Embassy, normally is USD45/applicant.

Specific application fee and stamping fee for each visa type are shown on the table below:


Vietnam Visa Fee details:

Cost/person (USD)

Normal Processing
( within 3 days)

Stamping Fee

Single entry

1 month



3 months



Multiple entries

1 month



3 months



1 year (US only)



(For Rush visa service fee, please click here)


- These above fees are applied for both adults and children.

- Normal process is 2-3 business days; urgent process is 1 working day

- The application fee is refundable in case your visa application is not approved.

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